About the Artist

About the Artist

Photo by Crystal C. Esparza

Jaxon Arthur Northon is self taught oil painter specializing in portraiture. He works from his studio above The Lincoln Lounge bar on 4th and Evans in his hometown of Reno, Nevada. The nerve center of the civilized world. For commission work or price inquiries, contact him at





Excerpt from an interview with Findery:

' I think I was drawn to portraiture for a couple of reasons. First, I love the technical side of it. The craft and the process of building the finished product out of nothing. It's really difficult to get an exact likeness of someone and I still enjoy the challenge it brings. I love how attentive you have to be and how rewarding it is when you feel like you've actually nailed it enough to show it in public without having to apologize. Each painting becomes the hardest, most frustrating, (and sometimes) most gratifying thing I've ever experienced. It's kind of a nightmare. Secondly, I feel like the the act of making art is the act of trying to make sense out of the emotional side of existence and the most powerful visual representation of emotion to a human (that's who I show most of my work to) is the human face. The combination of the expression of the painted and the expression of the painter in a great portrait is such a poignant, stirring thing. So portraiture was the vehicle of choice for me. I don't think it was really in my power to choose otherwise.'